Our care

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that aims to heal the functional disorders of human body structures and restore the balance between body and mind.

Reasons for consulting

Backache, migraine, stress, etc. Osteopathy is for everyone, from newborns to elderly people, as well as pregnant women or who have recently given birth.

Easy access cares

Our office is 1 minute walk from Shinjuku-Nishiguchi Line Station on Oedo and 2 minutes walk from Seibu-Shinjuku Line Station.

Easy Appointments

You can make an appointment in only a few minutes on our website.

At the center of Tokyo

Do not hesitate to drop by our office to get an appointment for an osteopathy consultation!

Duly recognized diplomas

Our diplomas are duly recognized by the French ministry of Health. We also have a certification for pediatric care.

Personal checks

Every patient is unique, and so are our care. We assure a personal follow-up for every patient to be sure the best treatment is defined.

Your team

Osteopath D.O.

Sébastien Bailet

Graduated from Holistéa Collège Ostéopathique Européen, Paris (FR)

Pediatric certification

Osteopath D.O.

Amélie Hannart

Graduated from Institut Supérieur d’Ostéopathie, Lille (FR)

Pediatric certification

These schools require 5 years of study and are approved by the Ministry of Health in France.

Make your health a priority

What to expect during a consultation:

  1. Fact finding about the patient’s symptoms and history,
  2. A phase of observation and tests from head to toe,
  3. Osteopathic diagnosis,
  4. Treatment using soft tissue techniques,
  5. Advice adapted to the patient (ex: stretching, feeding, working position …)

Please note that the session requires the patient to be in underwear (possibility to put tank top, shorts or leggings).

Phone: 050-5327-7755